Whatsapp :Now You will know whether Your Message is been Read or Not

Whatsapp today, November 6, rolled out an update for the Android and iOS users, which gives away a major feature. Recently we talked about a rumor of Whatsapp adding Voice Calling feature in the next updates, and today they have quietly rolled out an update which will allow users to check whether the delivered message is been read or not.

When the recipient receives a message, you gets see a double tick on that message, this was the common protocol till now. Now when the user will read/open the chat screen, the double mark will turn blue and the sender of the message will get to know that the receiver has read his/her message.

Also, Whatsapp has updated their FAQs page on their website, updating the answers for the following few questions,

  1. How can I tell if someone has read my message?
  2. What are those check marks next to my messages?

This new update is provided to the Android and iOS users today, and is available for download on the iTunes and Play Store respectively.

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