Google Duo: A brand new Video Calling Application from Google now available on Play Store

Google, in its annual I/O 2016, announced that they are going to launch two brand new Applications later this year. One will be a Messaging App and the other one will be a Video Calling App. The late of the two, called, Google  Duo, has been made available on Play Store and App Store (for iOS devices) since yesterday.


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Google Duo lets you connect with your friends and family members with just one tap over a video calling platform. Duo is simple to configure and use. All you have to do is to register your mobile number with Google and click on the person from your contact list to make a video call.
Duo team has added this unique feature to the App in which when you receive a call from someone you will see the live feed of that person on your lock screen before even picking the call!

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This is Google’s latest social media application after miserably failing with their previous Apps like Hangouts and Messenger. Google has launched this Application to tackle the already established market giants Skype and FaceTime. As Google Duo makes its way to the public access Google is planning on removing Hangouts from market gradually to focus on Google Duo and Google Allo only. 

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Google Allo is available on two platforms right now, Android ( via Play Sto) and iOS (via App Store). Download links for both are shared below,

Google Play Store (Android Users) : Google Duo
Apple iTunes Store (iOS Users): Google Duo

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