Android O reduces boot time by 2x, also improves performance of the apps

Annual i/o event of Google is going on in Mountian View of California. Like every year, it started with the Keynote where Sundar Pichai and his team disclosed many new products and features. Google uses i/o events to showcase what they are working on and what we should expect in near future from Google. Giving glimpses of the new version of Android is also one such thing. This year they shared some great news regarding Android O. Dave Burke, VP Engineering (Android) at Google, announced that device boot times and app performance are significantly improved in Android O.

Reboot Speed

According to Google, smartphones and tablets running Android O will reboot twice as fast as compared to the same device on Android Nougat. Some handsets do take a lot of time to boot up, however, with Android O those devices will boot faster than before. Check out the graph shared by Google below.

Android O performance chart
Android O performance chart

Performance Improvment

Also with the new Android, your device will run apps smoothly. However, they didn’t reveal how they managed to improve the performance of the apps. We are hoping to hear more about these two features before it is officially announced for the consumer release.

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