Android Instant Apps: Google opens up Instant App feature to all Android Developers

Google’s annual developers’ conference, which ended on 19th May, saw an overwhelming response from the Android Developers and enthusiasts. Google announced a lot of new products (for eg.
Google Lens) and added awesome features to the existing one. In the plethora of announcements, Google revealed that they are now opening up Android Instant Apps for all the developers.

Pay car parking rental instantly
Pay car parking rental instantly

While introducing Instant Apps last year, Google gave a few examples which included a car park scenario. A user can pay for his/ her car parking rent by clicking on the URL and downloading exactly the part of the APP that they need to do the payment. User can do instant payments and later forget about the APP if they don’t need it in future. This let’s users save on their time and also helps in saving data usage as they don’t need to download the full APK file.

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While introducing this new feature, Google had asserted that it will support Android devices as far back as 4.3, however, for now, Instant Apps feature only supports Android 6.0 and newer – though 5.0 support is supposed to be coming soon. Android O, which is in beta testing, will add new features to Instant Apps by letting users search for and launch the Instant Apps right from the launcher, also by letting them to be downloaded to the home screen.

Developing Instant Apps

For developers, to make their apps compatible with this new feature they will need Android Studio 3.0+ and Instant Apps SDK, which they can download from Android O Developer Preview. Google says, it takes merely 4-6 weeks to build the functionality needed to support the deep linking of their app.

Currently Instant Apps feature is available in more than 40 countries. Though they are planning on expansion they haven’t confirmed it yet officially.

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