Google Opinion Rewards is now available in India, Singapore & Turkey – Google

You like to use paid Apps from the Play Store or do in-app purchases, but don’t​have enough pocket money to spend on them? Well, how about Google paying for you? Yes, it is possible! Google is been doing it for very long time for users from America and European continents via an app called Google Opinion Rewards!

Now the App has made it’s way into India, Singapore & Turkey in an attempt to attract more users in purchasing paid apps and in-app services.

In a country like India where users mostly refrain themselves from purchasing paid apps and services and instead, install pirated app will now get encouraged to purchase apps from Google Play Store.

This will boost up developers’ confidence as they will get paid for the apps and in- app purchases.

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How Google Opinion Rewards App works?

To start using Google Opinion Rewards app you will have to first register with your Gmail account and complete one basic attention survey where they check how alert you are.
After that your account will go for review and once they approve you, you will become eligible to take surveys.

Whenever there is a survey to complete, Google will notify you about it via Google Opinion Rewards app. Once you complete a survey Google will reward you with certain credits against that survey in your account.

You can utilize these earned credits while making purchases on Google Play Store.

Follow the link to download the app from Google​Play Store – Google Opinion Rewards

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