Premium Flagship : Mi 6

Xiomi Mi 6:

The most anticipated flagship of the year 2017.  Coupled with 6 Gb of Ram and Latest snapdragon 835 chipset, this is  Xiaomi’s most powerful smartphone. No doubt its the best looking phone too among its siblings. Infact, it beats the Mi Mix in terms of its smooth trimming.

Camera :

With 4 axis support and dual camera; the Mi 6 is also Xiaomi’s best cameraphone

Water Protection:

With every opening properly sealed, it makes the Mi 6 splash resistant.

Body :

Going with its sibllings,

  1.  Xiaomi Mi 5 had a glass body with a curvy metal frame
  2. Mi 5s made use of a completely metal body
  3. The Mi Mix was a sleek wonder of a device with elegant, pebble-like ceramic finish.

But here,  Xiaomi Mi 6 seems like a mix of everything. The Xiaomi Mi 6 has glass on the front and back with a metal frame in between. But the frame has been polished to the point where it feels like an extension of the glass. The entire Mi 6 feels like one piece of shiny, sleek surface.

Xiomi Rises :

For years now, Xiaomi has crammed the absolute best technology in a reasonably-priced package and it’s made them very popular. But the last couple of smartphones by the company have shown that the company is focusing much more on refining its devices. No doubt, Xiomi got many more to come and will give Apple  Samsung run for their money.

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