One Plus 5 : Making of a Beast!

With current speculation around, we may get a chance to witness a beast among the smartphone in india. If rumor are to be believed, we can see


  1. 8 GB of Ram
  2. New Snapdragon 835 processor
  3. Dual camera
  4. Quick charge
  5. QHD screen 
  6. Less Bezel  display 
  7. 256 GB  onboard storage

Considering indian market,


Company and Chipsets : 

  1. Samsung uses Exynos chip set ( S8, S8 plus, Note series )
  2. Google uses Old generation Snapdragon chip set
  3. Huawei uses Kirin chip set
  4. LG also used the Old generation snapdragon chipset in LG G6
  5. Xiomi uses the new snapdragon chip set, but its quite obvious that xiomi wont launch that in india. Like it did with other flagships device

Final Verdict:

With price segment of INR 30,000 – INR 35,000 ;  One Plus is the only company offering the new Snapdragon Chip set at an affordable price. There have been some issue with the services of One Plus but on a fair note it is to be understood that its new in the market & require time to settle down unlike LE-ECO who backed off .

Although we are not sure whether this would have the water resistance feature  like its competitor Xiomi Mi 6 , but this can put a tough competition to the league of smartphone. Phone is expected to be unveiled in Q- 3. With Samsung, Google, Apple are fight for gaining the top spot in Market; this phone would be value for money and who knows may be we might get to see some add on too.



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