Sony discontinuing Xperia X series. Xperia X and X Compact series won’t get a successor – Sony 

It was inevitable I suppose! The poor marketing, poor media coverage and finally poor sales numbers have resulted in dissipating of the Xperia X series from the market. Sony has confirmed that there will be no successor to the last year’s Xperia X and X Compact series, Sony’s Premium & semi-premium smartphones.

Sony confirmed of their future plans at 2017 Investor Day citing not so-satisfactory sales. Due to insipid response from the consumers all over the world Sony could manage to sale only 35% of their sales target of Xperia X and X Compact. While entire world was showing back to Sony’s Premium Edition phones, only at the home turf, Japan, could get some soothing results. Sony managed to sale over 85% of it’s sales target there. 

With the disappointing numbers, it is only logical to not announce successor of Xperia X and  X Compact.

Last year Sony ceased development of it’s C and M series to focus on Xperia X series. But now, it seems, even the this series is seeing it’s last few days!
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With the dismantling of Xperia X series company wants to focus on ‘technologies that only Sony can deliver‘ and put more focus on markets like Japan, East Asia, APAC, Middle East and Europe. 

Company has not revealed its future plans of Indian market as it is still skeptical about the fierce competition of budgeted smartphones.

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