Face Swap App from Microsoft lets you switch faces with others!

Microsoft has released a new application called Face Swap. “So! what’s new in that? There are already tons to face swapping apps available in the market – free or paid. What’s so special about this new entry?” Exactly how you would think, right? But hold that thought until the end and then decide whether you want to move on or give this new app at least one try! All the apps so far we have used have that same functionality and filled with loads of ads in free/ trial version or ask you to pay for the services (which they truly deserve!)

But, what if I tell you that Microsoft has come up with an incredible app that is not just good at doing things that other do but also advertismentless! Yes sir, Microsoft’s Face Swap app is advertismentless and is free – no hidden charges.

Face Swap App

Just like the name suggests this app lets you select your face from a photo from gallary or a selfie and swtich with the face of any person from internet (using Bing ) Search. It uses an advanced face recognition technique to swapt faces between tow images. You can swap muliplt photos from a group photo and share it with them.

Alike Google’s 205 project, where Googlers are allowed to spend 20% of their job on their own ideas. Microsoft has its own team, called, Garage of which, this, Face switch app is an outcome.

I will be doing a full-app review where I will use Face Swap app for a week and try to understand its USOs. Do suscribe for the quick access to such latest apps.

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