Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price to hit the ceiling!

Samsung’s next trick looks likely to be the launch of the Galaxy Note 8 sometime in August or September and we just got word of how much the super-sized phablet is likely to cost the eager punters ready to pick it up. and it’s a lot. If the rumours to be believed then Galaxy Note 8 price would be the highest of all the Samsung phones so far!

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Samsung is slapping a €999 price tag on the phone, which based on our quick calculations works out at £875, US$1,120, AU$1,475 and INDRs75000. However, we rarely see straight currency conversions on handsets, and the Note 8 will retail for around US$925 in the States.

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That €999 would make the Galaxy Note 8 the most expensive smartphone Samsung has ever pushed out, and it means only those with deep pockets will be able to afford one.

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