Google Glass receives its first update in 3 years!

Remember those cool, tech-savvy glasses from Google which would let you record videos from the first-person view & check out map directions right in front of you as you drive. We loved when they first came out! But that project hit rock bottom in 2014 and we never heard of Google Glass project ever again. But guess what! those glasses just beeped!

  • First seen in Google i/o 2012. It was launched in April 2013.
  • Can capture video & take photos.
  • Can display information Silicon crystal placed on the glass.
  • Received flak due to privacy and safety concerns.
  • Project was abandoned in January 2015.

The headset is receiving a software update to version XE23, which includes ‘MyGlass companion app update, bug fixes & Bluetooth support. Google rolled out app update yesterday and also updated the firmware today. With this update, you can connect different Bluetooth-enabled devices like keyboards and mice with Google Glass.

Google Glass was ahead of its time and thus did not get much appreciation back then. I always loved the concept of wearable glasses. And, now it seems it is back. We cannot say anything for sure as of now. But, I guess the project alive from dead. And it’s a good news, a very good news for the tech-savvy people like us!

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Source: Google Glass Help

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