Galaxy Note 8 latest leak confirm previous render leaks

Rumour mill starts churning vigorously when it comes to reporting on Galaxy Note 8. We have been busy reporting all the rumours related to Galaxy Note 8. Last week we shared a report which was rumoured to be the design render of Galaxy Note 8′ camera & fingerprint positions. Today we have Galaxy Note 8 latest leak, which confirms last week’s report.

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In a biggest news in SamsungGalaxy Note 8 leaks so far, Jonathan Endicott, CEO of popular case maker Slickwraps, posted a photo of Galaxy note 8 render on twitter. The render image clearly shows that Galaxy Note 8 will sport a dual set of cameras. It also confirms that Samsung is yet to acquire the technique required to put fingerprint scanner under the display. As per the render image, the fingerprint scanner will be at back of the phone placed horizontal to the cameras.

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Positioning of the fingerprint scanner also confirms one more important aspect regarding the phone. And that is the display of the phone. Now that fingerprint scanner is placed at the back of the phone it is now clear that it will have infinity display. Something which we reported back in June – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 image render leaked. Sports much acclaimed Infinity Display.

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